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How MANY Boa's?

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  • How MANY Boa's?

    Just curious as to how many snakes you own...and how many
    you think "one" person should own/be able to care for responsibly.
    FYI...I have one baby Columbian Red Tail. The feedback is always appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Re: How MANY Boa's?

    I have two redtails and plan on haveing many more.


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      Re: How MANY Boa's?

      8) This is a list of what i have....
      2-boas, 1 argentineXcolumbian, 1- BCI and another on the way-BCI rescue.
      2 -Jungle carpet pythons,
      7- Ball Pythons,
      2- corn snakes-1 loose,
      1- hognose snake,
      1- tiger reticulated python on his way in,
      any have plenty of room for many more plus unlimited supply of feeders.. I plan on getting a emerald tree boa in the future and another corn snake.. I think if you have the room and proper housing and can afford to feed and care for them properly, you can get as many as you want but only if you can meet these standards, i treat all my animals as if they was family not just a pet... 8)


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        Re: How MANY Boa's?

        I have 1 cali king and 1 columbian imperator, As barricuda said you can have as many as you want as long as you can provide the proper care and time that each animal requires. I also agree with treating them as family and not just pets.


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          Re: How MANY Boa's?

          This is a big list too ;D
          3 Columbian Red Tails.
          2 Guyana Red Tails.
          3 Cooks Tree Boas.
          2 Sumatran Red Blood Pythons.
          7 T's

          As you can see I only collect things in pairs or trios for breeding, I'm going to be busy this year as nearly all my stock will be able to breed this year. I think you need to look at what you can afford, and how much space you have, if you can look after a snake properly then keep as many as you want, just do it properly and dont overstretch yourself. I dont consider myself to have a lot of snakes but the few I do have take a long time each day to look after, especially the more demanding species such as the bloods and the cooks. Have fun ;D ;D


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            Re: How MANY Boa's?

            at my house i have one red tail boa i really want another one badly and at our friends house he has a ball python thats my lil buddy and im trying to convince him he needs to come home with me, hehehe but but seeing as how the pythons and boas cant be housed together and all i have is the 3 tanks 1 feeding and 1 for each of my red tails the sec is empty waiting its new arrival. he wont come off the tank he wants an iguana, but im steady trying to get him. i take care of him alot water feeding ect he doesnt have that much time for him with work and all. we did have at one time 1 6ft red tail and a 3ft albino burmese but.. they are both not with us now we let the albino stay with my hubbys mom because she wanted him and they killed it by accident, and our red tail got really constipated while we were gone for the week end we found her when we got home. so much for baby sitters grrrrrrr`


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              Re: How MANY Boa's?

               I have a some of the best ones hehe :
              2 Guyana sub adults m/f  sweet boa's
               2 BCI or Common pastel boa's (nothin common about them)
               1 and have one on the way my total Hog Island count should be 2 next week..m/f. Iam so excited a new baby hog....
              this little male may be in the express fed ex next week wohowoho

                iI kept whinning for one and Clay let me buy a hold back hogg
                thanks  thanks thanks........ ;D doug


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                Re: How MANY Boa's?

                here is my list of the ZOO

                1 red tail boa
                5 corn snakes. 2 normals, 2 albinos and one creamsicle.
                1 albino cal king snake.

                2 rats
                2 dogs
                2 cockatiels
                1 fish
                1 wife
                1 toddler



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                  Re: How MANY Boa's?

                  I have 4 red tail boas and one python. I also have 5 cats, 2 rats and one tarantula (more on the way). As far as how many someone should have, is pretty much a case by case situation. Some shouldn't have more than one or two, some can handle hundreds, other shouldn't have any animals, children or anything at all!!!!! It pretty much depends on you.


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                    Re: How MANY Boa's?

                    We have ;
                    2 adult bci's-1 female and 1 male
                    2 juvenille bci's 1f and 1 m
                    1 albino corn snake
                    2 brazillian rainbow boas 1 f and 1 m
                    1 cali. king snake
                    1 iguana
                    1 tokay gecko
                    1 house gecko
                    3 dogs
                    2 rugrats- 1m.9yrs-1f. 7yrs
                    1 wife
                    As for how many someone should keep , that just depends on how you can house and maintain them.
                    So keep as many as your budget and time will allow , if you like.
                    Dan & Mary


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                      Re: How MANY Boa's?

                      :-/ Hey i didnt know we was supose to put all our critters in this thread.. LOL!!! So other than my snakes i got,
                      several frogs, horn, dwarf pixie, toads and whatever else the kids bring in.. also a huge tank of fish, 12 tarantulas i use to have 59 of them,1 ornate plated lizard, lots of feeders rats, mice, gerbils, and all the bugs kids bring in.. I have 3 dogs 1 boston terrier, 1 english bulldog,1 neo mastiff rare breed. I also have lots of animals that come thru here as rescues which they almost always stay with me.. I use to have horses, cows, lamas, tons of chickens, lots of breeder rabbits, goats and we have deer, bear and bobcats plus coyotes all that hang around our property here. I have 2 kids both girls one 19 going to nursing school and one thats 14 1/2 she has a brain tumor that she has been battling for her life now for the last 1 1/2 yrs.. I deal with helping others get and own exotic big game..Now does mom have alot to deal with Naaaaaaaaaa! hehehe!!! ;D


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                        Re: How MANY Boa's?

                        I'm sorry to hear about you daughter. :'( :-/ I hope things work out for her.


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                          IRe: How MANY Boa's?

                          I have
                          1 columbian red tail boa
                          2 corn snakes-snow and amel.
                          1 dog-boxer
                          2 cats

                          I want more boas, but my hubby told me I can't have any more snakes untill I get rid of a certain cat he hates, how messed up is that? I want more!! ;D


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                            Re: How MANY Boa's?

                            Guess it's my turn...1 red tail, 1 ball python, 1 red albino corn, 2 dogs, 2 cockatiels, 4 parakeets, 1 wife, 3 step kids (with a step grandchild due this week...and yes, he will be living here too) and 2 boys up in New York.


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                              Re: How MANY Boa's?

                              Angelina , sounds like you have really tough decision another boa// keep the husband// another boa.... disk the husband..
                              hehe .. he don't read this post???