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CHE installation

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  • CHE installation

    I was curious on what all of you guys use to install your CHE's inside the enclosures. I've read a couple of posts that say they use a ceramic (for lack of a better term) jack to screw the CHE into with a "cage" around it. But I was wondering, would a porceline one work? I found some porceline ones at Wal-mart for about 4 bucks, but I wanted to make sure that would work before I go about purchasing it. Would the CHE get too hot for the porceline? If a porceline one will not work, where is the best place to fine a ceramic one at? Would places like lowes or home depot have something like that?

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    Re: CHE installation

    A porceline would not work. The CHE would eventually melt it. I'm sure Lowes or Home Depot carry them. I've seen the domes with ceramic fixtures, so I'm sure they have the ceramic fixtures as well.


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      Re: CHE installation

      I kind of thought that would be the case, but I thought I'd ask first. Thanks for the input.