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help he's got hard poop:-[

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  • help he's got hard poop:-[

    today while taking a tub with my 7 footer he decided to let his bowls down, and that he did. better the tub then the cage the tub is easy-er to clean after he did i cleaned it out and i noticed his urates ( the yellow stuff) was very hard i mean like a rock and had no oder but was like a **** rock!!!! Is this somthing of concern or normal thanx Steve-O

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    Re: help he's got hard poop:-[

    Actually the hard chalky urates is what you want to see from your boa. This is a great sign that the boa is processing its food supply properly.

    Urates have two normal forms... Hard chalky urates, and the liquid form.

    So it is good to see the chalky deposits.
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