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Boas mouth it all puffy

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  • Boas mouth it all puffy

    When i got home from school i looked in the tank and seen that my boas mouth was puffed up and i went to pick him up and he jumped away from me (which he never does). it looks like the skin under his mouth is sagging and there is a redish tint there too. Anyone know what this is and what i have to do to treat it.

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    Re: Boas mouth it all puffy

    Look in your boas mouth and see it there are any brownish looking skin. If so it is mouth rot which needs to be treated ASAP. If you look through the care guide you will be able to find something in there. I would take it to a vet though just to be safe. Just make sure that the vet you take yoyu snake to is a good reptile vet some one who knows what they are doing. Let us know. Good luck