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Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice out?

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  • Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice out?

    A few tuesdays ago I fed my guyana a mouse, he ate fine and everything went well. When thursday or friday rolled around I found a 80% digested mouse in the water bowl. So after that I waited till 12 days or so to feed him again. I just fed him on thursday and today (sunday) I found another 60% digested mouse in the water bowl. I don't know whats wrong. My boa is about 8-9 months old eatting 1 whopper mouse every 7-8 days. Im almost positive the mouse isnt too big because he eats it fine and quick and it barely leaves a lump in him.
    Im not sure if he poops it or if he regurges but its always in the water dish. Hes kept on repti bark but fed in a separate tank with newspaper on the bottom. Temps are around 93 on hot side, and 85 on cool side. The humidity stays around 40-50% and 70% when I spray a few times a day.

    Does anyone have any info or ideas? Is this normal? Thanks

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    Re: Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice ou

    NO it's not normal for your snake to be regurging like this at all. First thing that comes to mind are parasites in the form of worms.UGH. Few questions for ya though..
    Where did you obtain the snake from / Pet store/breeder or what ?
    Is the snake wc do you know ?
    Has the snake evr been treated for worms.[ ever had dosings of panacur given to it at all?]
    Has the snake been seen by a vet at all ? When and any cultures done at all ? Results ?

    Other thing could be that the snake is dehydrated. That can roll into regurges also.
    Personally I keep my guyanas a tad 88/90 h and 80/82 low. BUT I do know of people who keep them at a higher temp with np also.

    BTW.. YES it is a regurge..NOT a stoll thing that's going on.


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      Re: Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice ou

      Got him from a reptile petstore, don't think hes been treated for anything, but hes captive born. Are there any other signs of worms I can look for?


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        Re: Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice ou

        YUP, Ya can look at the stools for any lil [ usually whitish] squiggly things. ..looks like pieces of thread basically. That would confirm such present. Also ya can sometimes see what looks like lil pieces of rice grain in the stoll. Also check the water bowl, especially when the regurge is there [ but ya prolly got rid of that already and aren't hanging onto it at all ..right? lol] Another form that you might see looks like tiny pieces of hmmm..paper for a lack of wording atm. There are others but those are the usual ones.
        If ya see any of that going on, then there are definately worms present and ya need to treat the snake for such asap also.
        BEST way to check for the worms would be a vet visit and culture though ya know.
        When you are checking for worms in the stool..make sure to glove also if ya have em. WASH GOOD !! After also. OH and keep this snake quarantines from any/all others that you have also..and other reptiles too.


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          Re: Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice ou

          Update: I havent taken him to the vet yet. I plan on trying a small mouse on monday (two weeks 1 day after last regurge) to see if that stays down for a longer time. In the past four days he has pooped twice in the water dish(only time hes in there)both very small white turds with greenish strands of hair like stuff attached to it. These are no more then 3/4 of an inch long. I examined both and couldnt really tell by you're description but I'm leaning more towards yes, it is infact worms.

          I was wondering if theres anyway worms can cure itself? Also how harmful is this to the snake? Should I not wait to test another mouse to see if its just size, or should another week or so not matter. He seems to be pretty healthy aside from all, last night he was climbing around on the branches in his cage and hasn't been hiding as much.

          Any opinions would be great. Thanks


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            Re: Pooping/Regurgitating partial digested mice ou

            HMM .. Could be mouse hair the snake passed on OR could be worms..NOT quite sure from the way you describe it really. Either way.. The snake REALLY NEEDS to have a fecal done on it for worms AND treatment for them if present ASAP. If there are worms , then the feeding the snake is not going to make a difference at all..even if he is able to keep it down somehow. Get a vet appt asap and start there with it.