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Question about 2 snake breeds

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  • Question about 2 snake breeds

    Hey all. I was wondering if I could get some info on brazilian rainbow boas and western hognose. Just want to know if the are good breeds that are friendly and not strike happy. Thanks! ;D

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    Re: Question about 2 snake breeds

    SOme rainbow boa's can be extremly nippy as young snakes.
    They require more humidty than any of the boa's and will not survive unless certian requirements are met.
    Don;'t know much about west hogs.


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      Re: Question about 2 snake breeds

      Doug is right. There is more that has to be monitored carefully with Rainbows. I've been looking into getting one here soon, but am making sure I know everything before I go through with it. Two links I found with information are and

      However, I still have one question that maybe someone could answer. Is it a good idea to even house my redtail with a rainbow? Or would it be much safer and less stress free to just have two separate cages?


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        Re: Question about 2 snake breeds

        The basic rule of thumb is no two snake should be housed together... expecily two of different kinds.... So yes get another cage....
        Eric aka...Red


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          Re: Question about 2 snake breeds

          That's what I thought. ;D

          I'm gonna have to concentrate on getting the humidty right with my current boa now before I even take on one that is more picky about it. But that'll be another thread all together.