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New Redtail/A little nippy

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  • New Redtail/A little nippy

    Hey All. Just wanted to get a little feedback on this. I just got a baby red tail today. He is male. I have been holding him for quite a bit. Like 3 4 hours. My girlfriend was holding him and I went to get him from her when he tried to take a chunk outta my finger. He didn't get me. Lucky I have good reflexes. For the most part he is rather tame. He hasn't hissed Nore had he showed any aggression until then. I am thinkng he is just stressed cause of the changed. So if I can get opinions on this it will be great. Thanks!

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    Re: New Redtail/A little nippy

    Most baby snakes are real quick to nip, this is proably a instictive reflex to show aggression when afraid. The good news is most baby boa's have tiny teeth, and it feels like velcro when they finally nail you. This aggression period will pass quickly in most snakes once they learn you're not going to pop them in your mouth for lunch :.. hehe
    Now that feeding response in a sub adult can be unerving but thats a different post ;D..


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      Re: New Redtail/A little nippy

      You might not want to hold him for a week or so and let him get used to his new place. That often makes it less stressful for tha little guy.


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        Re: New Redtail/A little nippy

        I discuss this very thing in the care guide.

        Sometimes how we approach the boa, whether from high over, or very fast, we can cause a built in reaction from a boa. This is just something learned after having a snake around for a while... You will get used to the boa, and the boa will get used to you.

        Patience is the key, and continue holding the boa but remember he is acclimating to you the same way you are to him.
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