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Do boas prefer shelves over branches?

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  • Do boas prefer shelves over branches?

    More and more people have shelves in tall cages for boas instead of branches. I have seen big boas on large branches under a che. Maybe the shelf is more comfortable because it is flat and doesn't need to wrap around it. I personally don't think a boa cares if its a branch or shelf as long as there is something up there to get to the heat source. comments?

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    Re: Do boas prefer shelves over branches?

    i would recommend a shelf instead of a branch. my babi suri spends 90% of her time on her shelf. i don't think a branch will give your snake the kind of sevurity a shelf with a hide on it will. most people i talked to who have a shelf say there snakes also spend most of there time on the shelf. this little girl pretty much never comes off the shelf.