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    Has anybody else ever had a boa that never used a hide box? Mine has never ever gone into her hides no matter what type I have tried, and I think I have tried everything from towels to comercial hides. I have even tried every possible location in her enclosure with mutiple hides. She will sit mostly on top, curl up in a branch, or just curl up around her water dish. Is it possible she is clostriphobic (sp)?

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    Re: Hide use

    If you get a boaphile cage, you won't need a hidebox.


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      Re: Hide use

      I bet alot of people have... I have... Mine never does he just chills out in what ever place he sits in.... I have seen when he go's and hide... but that is only when he is ready to shed.... It is not uncommon to see an adult boa not use hides... they are perty high on food chain where there from....
      Have a good one... I hope that I have answerd your "?"
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        Re: Hide use

        Wasn't really an important question, just thought it might be strange as she is only 11 months old and I have had her since she was two weeks old and she has never used one. I know older boas tend to stay out most of the time because in the wild there are very few things that would tangle with them. Just thought it was weird though cause she doesn't even attempt to hide when she is in shed but my ball rarly came out of his hides and my king only leaves his favorite sock to eat, drink, and deficate. My boa just hangs out without a care to whats moving around out side her enclosure.


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          Re: Hide use

          Actually I think it is the perfect kind of question for the forum.

          Hide boxes are used in many many different ways, and I bet everyone sees varying results.

          For example, my baby (newborn) boas love the hide boxes. But 2 years or older boas don't seem to use them at all. I used to provide larger hideboxes for them but they were so very seldom used, I just removed them.

          Also I can mention that if I have a hideaway and a raised shelf in the same enclosure that the shelf will be used 99% of the time over hideaways, including the baby or yearling boas.

          The shelf wins out everytime. I really think they feel like they are safer up there (even though it may only be 6 inches) because they are off the ground.
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            Re: Hide use

            One of my youngest boas has never used a hide. I tried different types of hides -different materials, different sizes, different places in the cage, etc. You name it, I tried it. He seems quite happy just hanging out around the hide, on the hide, or just snuggled up in a corner. To each his own :.


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              Re: Hide use

              Thanks guys, just thought it was unusual when compared to my python and king. Guess boas are just different> ;D


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                Re: Hide use

                I would like to suggest that your boa is so comfortable in his cage that he dosen't feel  the need to hide.
                 I noticed with my older snakes if i place the hide over the uth they sort of hang half in half out so the can get the belly heat on 1/2 the body. They are'nt using the hide they just like the heat...  :
                and I  now have shelves built in every cage  this increases the surface area to the boa's it can almost double the cage size if they would get off the dang shelf.
                my young guyana used to drop down on her fresh thawed rat it was funny to see.

                she also figgured out where the heat was coming from and would let it warm her back side while digesting.

                she could reach the water bowel from the shelf,, what a life..
                   this was her favorite place  to sleep.


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                  Re: Hide use

                  my baby wont come out of her hide she looooves it, i play with her move her hide around different places she snoops the cage out till she finds the hide and in she goes. and over the past week or so of me letting her crawl on the floor in our living room and moving her hide so she has to explore her cage has really calmed her down alot shes not striking as much as she was. shes really coming around. i cant wait till shes completely calm i hate those big bulky leather gloves.