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Eye cap problems

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  • Eye cap problems

    I was recently given a boa with some minor problems, which are slowly being fixed, to include what looks like at least three layers of eye caps. I managed to gently remove them off of one eye with some surgical lubricant, water and tweezers. However, the other will not budge. It is under the outer rim of skin and there isn't anythg to grab. She is going into shed again and I am afraid it may just cause more problems in getting it off. My vet is great, but she isn't that great. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Eye cap problems

    I have had good luck removing eye caps with a lotof misting and soaking , it takes a lot of patience ,but I've never had more than 1 unshed eye cap .
    You should maybe check out

    But definently keep the humidity up high,and find a vet that you can trust.

    Good luck


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      Re: Eye cap problems

      Use a piece of scotch tape. Is soft and not sticky enough to hurt the snake, but just sticky enough to stick to the "loose" eyecap and gently pull it off. Just a suggestion.


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        Re: Eye cap problems

        I know, they are hard to find, but I would suggest finding another vet that is experienced in treating boas and other reptiles... My boa lost her eye due to an eyecap that wouldn't come off, the first vet I took her to told me to not mess with it and wait till the next shed...big mistake! I finally found a good vet but by then, it was TOO LATE!!  If left untreated it can become a serious problem.  If there are layers of skin over the eye maybe you should let someone more experienced take them off because there is always that possibility of accidental damage to the cornea.  

        Where are you from?  Maybe someone knows of a good vet in your area...