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Building my own enclosure

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  • Building my own enclosure

    I was interested in building my own enclosure for the custom fit in my room, I already have the plan drawn out I just need some advice on what type of wood to use and how if at all I finish it like with a laquer. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: Building my own enclosure

    you have quite a few options.  i just got done building mine.  i built it out of birch plywood.  you want to stay away from pine because it's toxic to snakes.  the only probablem i've encountered is heating.  i have a shelf that stays b/t 88-94, but the bottom of my cage can sometimes get down to 80.  i bought some flexwatt heat tape, so that problem should be fixed.  you can seal it with polyvinyl water-based varnish because it's non toxic to reps.  the best material you could use would be melamine.  it's easy to clean and holds heat excellently.  drawback, a little on the heavy side.  i just bought a melamine cage from  it should be in next weeks, so i'll let you know how much easier it is to heat.  i'll post some pics of my new handmade enclosure next week.