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Help calming Rainbow Boa

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  • Help calming Rainbow Boa

    First, forgive me if I'm off topic or, in the wrong forum. I inherited a full grown, possibly male, Brazilian Rainbow Boa. He's 5'9, and I'm having trouble with him.
    Rather than dump him, I'd like to try with him. I have several years experience with snakes, so know all the rules of handling and approaching snakes.
    Paco doesn't strike all the time, but, when you lift him, he's very tense, and his neck is always in the "s shape". He has hit me, twice. Still, I refuse to give up.
    When he came to me, his bed a beast was moldy, stinky, and there was a 6 inch tall pile of feces, and several old sheds. Amazingly, he's fine.
    Is there a way to "win over" (for lack of a better word), a snake's confidence? I would like to handle him, but at the same time, I do not want to stress him or, cause him discomfort.
    He is staying in a 60L, and his temps and humidity are strictly monitored.
    Thank you in advance..

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    Re: Help calming Rainbow Boa

    Hi Gillian ,
    I've been keeping RBR's for a while now ,and I always hear about how bitey they can be . I have only had 1 strike out of the 2 we've got
    Does your humidity run too low ?
    Does your snake have unshed eyecaps ?
    My temps are 76 low 88 high . Thats what all the info I've got says.
    My pair does great in this enviroment .

    Hope this helps,