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Boa Bathing?

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  • LORI
    Re: Boa Bathing?

    I don't really give my snakes a "bath" on a regular basis here at all. I do give them soaks as needed though. For basic soaks I just use water on them. If a snake has managed to defacate/urate and then roll about in it though and has a "scent" to it, then I add some dish soap to the water after the snake has been in it and gotten a drink [ They always want to drink some of the water when you are soaking them ].

    As for the temperature, it should feel warm to you and not cold at all or hot either. Luke warm ??

    If it is a smaller snake, like under 7' I just use a tote for soaking. If it is one of the larger snakes, then usually it is a bath tub that is used. Allthough I do have some totes that are HUGE and I can use for soaking HUGE snakes sometimes in also.

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  • Jcw
    started a topic Boa Bathing?

    Boa Bathing?

    How often do you guys/gal's give your boa's baths? Also what do you use to do it? What should the water temp be?