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Coloration and tail

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  • Coloration and tail

    I have had my boa for a couple of months now and she is a good 3 ft. long in length. When I first got her she was real light in color and seemed to look very healthy except for the end of her tail. I know that she must have had a shed where the skin on the tip of the tail did not come off and caused that area to die. I have been treated it with witamin E and misting her terranium in hopes of softing the remaining tip. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Also, Since I have had her she has been growing and not giving me any problems. She has gotten a lot darker though and has obtained a considerable amount of pink coloration throughout her body. Can anybody tell me if this is common? What can I expect her to look like as an adult? We have had other boas before but I never noticed such a change.

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    Re: Coloration and tail

    The color is normal.. Most boa get darker at some point and it will be fine... Have you took the snake to a vet... The tip of the tail can be a problem... Has the snake shed since you got it... if so has it shed the hole thing... all the way to the tip....
    Eric aka...Red