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  • Frontline

    Hi all it's been a while, well I just got a new comp and tried to register but it would not let me? So I re-registered. Anyway my Boas have aquired mites again, dont know how, no new stock, so were do the buggers come from? I used frontline once before undiluted with no ill effects to all but one of my snakes, so im going to dilute it this time, but by how much and what with, 50% I seem to remember, ansd with water, I just want some confirmation on this before I go ahead. Clay is it possible you could get my old username working, it wouldent let me use it, saying it was in use? so I re-registered ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: Frontline

    I use provent-a-mite... If you use this you will not get mite in you collection.. Now lori know's of some stuff that is the same as provent-a-mite but cheaper but I don't know what it is called... I would use one of the two... It keep's them away... So you don't have to worry about whether you should mix 50% or not... Hell I don't even look for them anymore...
    Eric aka...Red
    P.s. If you live out side the usa you may want to look for black night... I think this is the euro. provent-a-mite...