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UTH timer shedule

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  • UTH timer shedule

    Hey I was wondering what most of you guys with CHE's and UTH's do at night.. do you leave the UTH's on or do you turn them off and just use the CHE? Whats best to do?

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    Re: UTH timer shedule

    Run all my cages on a thermostat, This keeps the cages pretty much constant temps,
     Allowing the cage to cool down after feeding can have a negative effect on digestion. I try and check my temps daily when I look for urates and water changes, every boa needs clean water daily it can scum over if they go for a swim at nite.

       SO I use thermostats and try to maintain a constant 82 for my bci and 84 for my guyana... I donot use any type of lights in my cage they do get some light thru the window, and possibly the day light changes from summer to winter may have some effect on the breeding cycles but my boas are to young to breed and I think maybe I'll leave breeding to the experts.
      Be careful with che's if you have a glass tank the can really get hot and dry out the cage. be sure your holding some humidity in that cage our you may haven problem sheds. All my che's are contained in my wooden cages and donot dry the air.
      hope this helps doug

    psps even with the nifty little thermostat i still have temp peaks and valleys you need to monitor that real close. this cage can go from 82-84 warmer under the che .. so thermostat placement is critical for ambients.
     It took me a while to figure this out..