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  • Star Gazing

    I'm pretty sure I've heard this term before, referring to boas, but I can't remember the details... I noticed that my girl has been staring into space over the last few days. Should I be concerned? She's almost 9 months old. Her temps are pretty regular at about 80 and 90. I try to keep things as clean as possible. She always has fresh water. She hasn't eaten in about 16 days, but that's because her recent shedding interrupted her eating schedule. I thought we weren't supposed to feed during shedding...? Anyway, that's all my info. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Star Gazing

    check the health related issues forum and look under a thread called "possible promblems with my boa, any suggestions." lori talks about star gazing and other possibilities in depth in it.


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      Re: Star Gazing

      Here's the link for that thread...

      In regards to this>>>
      I thought we weren't supposed to feed during shedding...?
      Weeelll actually, A lot of people say not to feed during shed cycling. The reason for this is that MOSt snakes will not eat while in their shedding thing at all. There are some snakes however that will continue to feed while in shed though. If you feed your snake while it is in shed and it eats..There is nothing wrong with that at all. ie.. You will not be causing any health problems for the snake at all feeding while in shed. I have a few snakes that feed no matter what, including while in shed cycle too. So go ahead and offer the snake prey while it's in shed if you want to. Worst that will happen is that the snake will not eat and you'll be wasting a prey item. If the snake does eat np for ya, then continue to offer feed to it when it is in shed also.


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        Re: Star Gazing

        It is actually normal behavior for boas to stretch out or up for extended periods of time. What Lori says is acutally the easiest method of testing for normal behavior responses, and that is waving your hand by the glass or door. This will normally cause the boa to react or move.

        Stargazer disease nomally is a situation where that boa only has 3 or 4 inches of the neck/head in a straight up position, and does not respond to movement at all.

        Also in relation to the feeding while shedding situation. As part of my feeding schedule of all boas, I will offer food to the all boas unless they are completely in the blue, and eyes are clouded completely over or they are in fact in the physical process of shedding the skin. Other than these exceptions, most boas will eat after the eyes have cleared somewhat. These I bypass, but the others I will then let the boa decide for me. Most boas will eat after the eyes have cleared somewhat. Some refuse. No biggie...

        But it will not harm the boa if it does eat during a shed cycle.

        Dang Lori, we are agreeing AGAIN!!!!! ;D
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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        -Clay English
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          Re: Star Gazing

          when i bought my first boa from clay i emailed him about this same kind of question. i noticed that every once in awhile my boa would stare up in the air. clay emailed me back quickly and told me to wave my hand in front of the boa and he immediately responded. as far as feeding during a shed goes like lorrie and clay have stated most people say not to feed during this time because most snakes will not accept food. out of the 4 snakes i own, only one will eat during the shed cycle and the others will simply not pay attention.


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            Re: Star Gazing

            Dang Lori, we are agreeing AGAIN!!!!!
            LOL..Well we can agree to disagree OR agree to agree.. Either way it's all going to depend on the subject matter ;D

            I think the major points of basic husbandry we are just about aligned in though anyways.

            Damian... I have one baby here that is just like the strikey type when you show her food prey. She strikes like mad at it..but will not eat it at all. That is until I do something like what you state doing. I have to leave it in with her, throw something like a blanket over her feeding tote and leave her alone over nite with her rodent. She usually finishes it off by the time we check on her the next am. Pretty sure it has to do with her being a young un and not too secure , so she doesn't want to put herself in an unsecure position by going ahead and eating right away when she sees others around at all.