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Boa "Yawning" ???

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  • Boa "Yawning" ???

    I noticed my 5 month old ArgentinexColumbian redtail almost yawning it looked like. She would open her mouth for maybe a second, she only did it once but I have noticed her do it twice now. Just curious as to if it is a health issue? I got her at a show from a well-known dealer. Also she will sometimes spend time in the very corner where the front and side met on the tank with a 1/4 or 1/2 of her body going up the crease. Is that just from being used to the confinement of the small tanks the breeders use? She is housed with my 7 month old red-tail also...if that plays a part in any of this. Thanks!

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    Re: Boa "Yawning" ???

    The yawning thing. NOT usually anything to fret over at all. there are many reasons why a snake will do this. SOmetimes it is that they are getting ready to shed and they adjust their jaws/mouth somewhat to try and loosen the shed and get it started. Another time they may do this is to realign their jaw after eating.

    Two snakes of different ss in same cage ? Ya may want to take a look into changing that and giving them their own caging. Also what are the sizes of the snakes ?