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Remaining shed

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  • Remaining shed

    My Boa shed last week, and she shed perfectly except there is some skin under her mouth still attached. It starts from the tip of her lower jaw and ends before her neck. It would be very hard to soak her cause she will never put her head in the water. I tried peeling it off and it is too stuck, I dont want to damage the scales. I thought just to leave it be and hope it comes off next shed. What do you think? :

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    Re: Remaining shed

    You could try to mist your snake. And hope that it will come off in the next day or to.


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      Re: Remaining shed

       Be sure your ambient humidty in the cage is correct.
       review the care sheets. copy from Clays care sheets

      Instant Solution

      Your boa should shed in 1 continuous piece of skin! However, if it doesn't it is a problem that results from the lack of HUMIDITY in the enclosure. Humidity should be 50 to 60 % at all times. To avoid this problem in the future, you need to mist the snakes with a handheld spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle with HOT water, and by the time you spray the mist will only be lukewarm to the snake. Try this on your hand first. I mist any boas in the pre-shed cycle every day. Spray them down good, and they will generally shed perfectly, every time.

      Environmental conditions greatly affect the level of humidity, and glass type aquarium enclosures are extremely hard to control the humidity, especially with a screen top. One way of helping to control the humidity is to keep the heat IN. Try cutting a piece of box cardboard, poke a few holes in it, and cover at least half of the top area. By keeping more ambient heat in place, you will help raise the humidity inside. If the heat is escaping out the top then so is the humidity.

      Also try placing one of the water dishes closer to the basking area heat source. This will also help raise the humidity inside.

      Now for the snake that has remaining skin after a shed. The quickest thing to do is to soak the boa in a tub of lukewarm water for about an hour. This will generally loosen any remaining skin, which you should be able to gently rub off. There are also products available, like Shed-Aide or Shed-Ease that can be purchased at your local pet store, and you just add this to the water to help with problem shedding. }}



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        Re: Remaining shed

        Thanks doug but my humidity is between 60 and 70%, and temps are perfect, she just never tried to peel the skin off the bottom jaw when she started shedding, i watched her do it. She focused on her nose. I think she was just lazy. It is just a little skin, nothing that i think could cause very much harm if I left it on for the next shed.