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UTH Question ?? Need To Know ASAP!!!!!!

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  • [Housing] UTH Question ?? Need To Know ASAP!!!!!!

    I have a custom wooden stand that holds 2 tanks, its not an open stand I have to put the tanks in it and the top holds pictures on it for my fiancee and the back is cheap pressboard so there is ait flow but not much. If I put a UTH on my tank can it burn the wood ???? Also do I need a thermostat attached to it or does it only reach a certain temp. (i plan on laying down astroturf or reptile bedding so it doesnt burn the bottom of my boa)

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    Re: UTH Question ?? Need To Know ASAP!!!!!!

    It can if it doesn't have air flow. Also, if you use too think of a substrate, the UTH is ineffective.

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