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  • [General Care] Update !!!

    For those who might remember I have a female boa about 3'1/2" that got out for about 3 weeks. Since my finding her in my speaker that had been played loudly and severely dehydrated, she has made some great improvements. I have fed her twice now hoping she would regain her strength and coordination. Now about 3 weeks later her second feed was a complete turn around. The first feed she violently thrashed and slammed the mouse off the sides of the cage, god knows what damage that did to the snake, and this second one was a wrap and swallow. She still twists her head in a complete loop, but seems to be able to follow my hands better now. Before she acted like maybe she couldn't see, but know she is following with a much better degree of accuracy.

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    Re: Update !!!

    I am glad that she is coming around! She must have a great will to live and she is lucky to be in your care!


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      Re: Update !!!

      3 weeks seems like a very short period of time to become dyhdrated to
      the point that Neuro problems occured. I still believe that's exactly
      what happened though
      Dehydration resulting in Neurological problems.

      Providing she eats and sheds just fine I don't believe there should be
      any problem maitaining her and her ability to have a decent life.

      My guess is she is not in any pain just the
      disorientation of slight Neuro problems.

      To be safe keep her seperated from any other boids in the house
      completely different room even opposite ends of the house is good

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: Update !!!

        Wow you found her in your speaker!! holy crap. Why would she want to hide in there. I'm glad to hear you found her and that she is doing better! It's the scariest thing when a snake gets loose.