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  • [Misc] Hogg

    Why has the hogg come into a large popularity. I don't know much about this anyone know?

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    Re: Hogg

    the only thing i can think of is to be part of the sunset projects dude.... plus if you can find really nice hoggs from sunset breeding like the Emerald line and the d&m line which make great adds to oes sunset projects im hoping to get a nice hogg to do a sunset project here in the future ... just my .02


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      Re: Hogg

      First let explain that a Hog is a Hog Isle Boa / Hog Island Boa which is a Cayos los
      Cochinos Boa from two small cays off the coast of Honduras.

      That's what a Hog isle Boa is.

      With a Hogg Boa the two "g's" referr to a Boa that is no longer a pure bred animal.
      These Boas come from Hypo Hog / Sunset Boa combination projects.

      Hog Island Boas have always been a fairly popular Boa.

      Hypo Hog and Suinset Boas gained popularity several years ago
      and now many people are cultivating their Hypo Hog projects
      because of the great color beauty of this combination Boa.

      Lar M
      Boas By Klevitz



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        Re: Hogg

        Along with all the previous mentioned reasons the top reason for me is that they are beautiful looking boas. I have a female hog baby. Excellent temper, great colors that change daily. A great addition to any collecion.


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          Re: Hogg

          I have two pure hogs. They are my first boas. I chose them over any other boa because I love their colors and they tend to mature smaller than regular red tails, which is nice if you want to keep something a little smaller. I think they might be popular because of their size.