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Shedding Period ?

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  • Shedding Period ?

    Hi Guy's

    My 4 month old BCI male started it "opague" phase a couple of days ago, this lasted for 3 day's, the guy is realy "shy" now and hides alot, must be feeling vunerable. This "opague" phase cleared after three days, he is almost back to normal colour, how long does it this "cleared" phase continue before finally shedding? He is "cleared" for the past 3 days now, so total shedding phase now is 6 days.

    Thanx :

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    Re: Shedding Period ?

    He should shed within the next few days or so. Your total shed cycle time (from opaque to new skin) usually falls within 7-10 days. My boa has been consistent with this time frame anyways. Hope this helps


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      Re: Shedding Period ?

      Correct! When the boa appears to be back to it's normal color, it is only 1 or 2 days away from the shed.

      A note of interest. I have had people say that the boa must have eaten the shed skin, because they could not find the skin, yet it was apparent that the boa shed because it was back to it's normal color. Yet in a couple of days it did in fact shed.
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        Re: Shedding Period ?

        Thanx alot guys this makes sense, I yust thought something might be wrong. I had had a "close" look at him this morning, he was close to the enclosure's glass. I could actually see what looked like dryish skin on his back and yust behind the head I take it that this might be the skin starting to loosen up.

        Humidity is always 50 - 60% except for the last week, I keep it between 60 - 70% and spray him down once a day to help this process. I also notice yesterday that he is still very "blue", I yust touched his back gentely and the fella hissed at me but this is understandable, he is normally very docile :P

        Best regards



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          Re: Shedding Period ?

          Be sure temps are correct and a little extra humidty helps
          the process.. I usally leave them alone no handling till they shed.
          and no feeding till after the shed.


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            Re: Shedding Period ?

            Thanx OAKS

            He finished a complete shed this afternoon @ 15H00 South African time 8)



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              Re: Shedding Period ?

              I have had people say that the boa must have eaten the shed skin
              LMAO Clay ! I have a BRB that actually ate it's shed one day. She was VERY upset with me when I tried to take the shed away from her and out of her mouth too. Never saw a snake do that in all them years of keeping snakes. Till this one did. She did manage to eat some of the shed..and bite me a bit also when I was trying to take it away from her. Gotta be the weirdest thing i have ever seen one of my snakes do at all.. or about the weirdest. That was last year. She has never done it after that one time though.