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My Boa became extremely agressive.

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  • My Boa became extremely agressive.

    I went today to take my boa out of her cage to feed her.Well,She started hissing at me and lunging at me.I put her back in her cage to cool down.I washed my hands again and i took her out.I put her in her feed box and put her rat in.She ate it and then became hostile and now i cant get her out cuz shes gonna attack me.Shes hissing and snapping.I think she is possesed.What do I do??????? ??? ???.Should I call for an exorcism?

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    Re: My Boa became extremely agressive.

    So did you ever get her to come out of there? Every once in awhile mine will seem to go on a feeding frenzy and I'll have to leave her in the feed box for awhile after she is done eating.


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      Re: My Boa became extremely agressive.

      I eventually got her out of her feeding cage,but it was not easy.I waited till she calmed down.which was hours later,and i grabbed her with a glove and put her in her home.She was very upset.She was hissing at me.I have never had a snake open its mouth and start hissing.It was very intimidating...I guess she was just in "predator mode".I got a new corn snake so mauybe she caught the smell of the new addition.I dont really know.It was very weird,and i hope a demon dont posses her like she was on saturday.


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        Re: My Boa became extremely agressive.

        Well I hope you have better luck. If not, you still got the "*itch, be cool" glove to give you a hand


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          Re: My Boa became extremely agressive.

           I have six boa's right now, I ve noticed some are extremly active when young <1 year and will make loud hissing sounds and slap at you occasionally.mine behaved after aboout four months. If  someone is really feeling grumpy I just toss a towel over their head and take them out and hold them for a while.
            They seem to improve with age, so don't give up.. My guyana as a baby bit me four times in one day and made more noise than some cobra's.. She's a sweety now and dosen't show any aggresion.
          baby pic's during that grumpy time

           This how she looks behind me head pressing the door to come
          out..I can't even change the water with her trying to climb on my arm. she's over two years old now .

            they change with time


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            Re: My Boa became extremely agressive.

            Sounds like your snake was HUNGRY and just letting you know it.hehe. Next time the snake does that after eating and you are having a problem getting it out of hunt mode and/or the feeding tote.. Try offering another prey item [ not more than 2 please...3 for certain situations is possible also..but no more.]. Sometimes they will eat the second prey item and they become a whole new snakie and lose that "demon" thing they have going on lol.