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hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

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  • [Behavior] hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

    so i have had him since he was a baby he's now jus over 1 year
    he has never bitten sheds well and eats perfectly striking every time!
    ive moved him on to rats medium sized ones, as i was very busy with work and uni i left it 9days between a feed lastnite i thought ' best feed him though its late' this was 1.30am in the morning .. i am from the uk so our times are going to be diffrent anyways
    i defrosted the rat as usual picked it up to check it was all defrosted
    open my snakes viv put my hand in to stroke his head n he bit me it didnt hurt but its the 1st times hes ever done this
    am guessin its because he was hungry and i had the small of rats on my hands his light was also off so i may of startiled him, i pulled my hand away n put the rat in dangling it by its tale it took him about 5/10mins to get the rat he then started constricting it , i woke up at 2pm ( i work very late nights) and the 1st thing i did was to check if he had eaten the rat.... he haddnt it was still wrapped in his body after an hour he eventully ate the rat ( thank god) after he had eatn it i went over to the viv to change the light bulb and he launched at the glass

    now am worried as hes never done this ever it was only sunday 2 days ago he was round my neck for hours while i was doin my work i get him out alot as he really is my pride and joy!

    its freaked me out and i knwo i cant make this make me not handle him but i dont knwo what to do .. if anything?
    its just strange thats all!

    sorry this is so long but please take time to read it... thankyou any advice i would be very greatfull for

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    Re: hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

    Sounds to me he was in feeding mode. Be Very careful when they are in feeding mode. I would not worry too much. It will pass and he will be as docile as ever again.


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      Re: hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

      You don't need to over-concern yourself.
      If there was food-smell in the room, you are likely to witness a feeding response.

      Also, after feeding they usually are still high strung... I know my boas are. It also sometimes catches you off-guard. I have a female who was always very calm... but when she's hungry she reacts with ferocity.

      Bear in mind, this is a predator and will react as such.

      Usually it signals great vitality... you shouldn't be concerned. Make sure you fashion a feeding routine in which the snake doesn't connect your smell with food... use proper tools et cetera


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        Re: hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

        thankyou to both of you!
        i was told maybe try take him out of his viv n put him into a platic tub for feeding
        but ive never done this before i dont think theres need really i dont usually go to stroke him right before feeding or after

        so i hope its a one off and ill try not to worry
        he's my first big snake but a friend has a breeding pair and i fell in love with them straight away
        i absolutly adore him hence my stupid amout of worry

        i will take into account what youve both said n hope he goes back to his docile self

        thanks again x


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          Re: hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

          did you touch the rat at all with your bare hand before you put it in to his cage to pet his head? if you did, did you wash your hands with soap? if not, I also agree that he was pretty sensing the rat. The light being off isn't that big of an issue since they see infared.

          Feeding in a seperate cage is not required (I don't, a lot don't), but you should not feed on any non-paper substrae. If your viv has aspen, cyprus, or whatever in it it's not a good idea to feed in there because they can swallow it. (and they WILL swallow it, eventually) If you use newspaper then it's ok although some don't like to do it. It's your choice.

          It does sound like he was probably hungry though


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            Re: hi please read this am worried about by boa =[

            Welcome to the Forum MizzZombie(cool name), you should post some pics of him.