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Concerned about fast breathing

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  • Concerned about fast breathing

    hello everyone, i'm just wondering if anyone has any input on this situation...socrates has been lying on top of one of his hiding places for a good part of each day for the past week or so. (up until now, he's usually inside the same hiding place, curled up and relaxed.) he seems to be very alert, and almost looks like he is nervous by the look in his eyes and the stillness of his body. i noticed tonight that he also seems to be breathing faster, about 50 breaths/min. the only recent changes that have taken place are switching him from pinky rats to fuzzies, and adding a humidifier/air exchanger....i'm wondering if maybe the vibration from the humidifier is bothering him (even though the source is located away from his tank), or if the change in food size is too much for him. i've shut the humidifier off for the night to see if he relaxes.

    just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
    thanks. ???

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    Re: Concerned about fast breathing

    Boas do tend to breathe faster after eating, and I have seen them do this if they are too hot.

    Doublecheck the temp on the high end and make sure it is okay.

    Remember the basking area directly under a heating device can be several degrees hotter than a guage might be showing.
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      Re: Concerned about fast breathing

      a boa will also breathe heavy if it is worked up, such as just before feeding and after feeding. my boa smoke will somtimes breathe heavy if he notices alot of movement in the room.