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Radiant heat panels & temp variations?

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  • [Housing] Radiant heat panels & temp variations?

    As stated on a different topic i'm looking at getting a couple enclosures from either animalplastics or boamaster. Which ever one I do decide to get it will have radiant heat panels and controlled by a helix thermostat.

    I'm not all that familiar with how the radiant heat panels work. Do they mount in the center of the enclosure to heat the whole thing? if so how would i have a basking temp around 90f and have the other side around 80? The ambient temps in the room is about 69f-70f

    could anyone explain how it works or link a thread that explains it? thanks

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    Re: Radiant heat panels & temp variations?

    Hey, I actually just finished building some cages for my snakes. As of now ambient temps in my room vary from about 60-70 (lower 60's at night). I have them all running on Pro Products radiant heat panels (best on the market IMO). You mount them on one side of the cage, and that will provide your basking area. Since the panels ARE large, and powerful, they will heat everything that you have in the cage, essentially, and give you a nice ambient temp.

    I'd suggest the Herpstat thermostats over the Helix, but thats just personal preference. I have a few friends that run Helix and are satisfied, but I prefer my Herpstat ND . With that setup the panels provide a basking spot of 91.5F with a 3 degree drop at night (I have it set this way) and an ambient temp in the cage of about 84. Best part is, its only running at 30-50% power.

    Hope it helps


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      Re: Radiant heat panels & temp variations?

      wow thanks for the info. I'll check out that t-stat after i'm done writing this. Right after the holidays i'll be buying 2 or 3 4ft enclosures, each with a radiant panel. Only down side is all 3 of my snakes are still pretty small, i just want to get them out of the glass tanks because ambient temps on the 20 gallons won't budge over 71-72f.


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        Re: Radiant heat panels & temp variations?


        You can mount them whereever you want but most preferably you'll put it on one side and not in the center. I'm using 4 RHPS on some of my tanks mounted on the left.

        They will spike the ambient for me, but I'm also running Flex on these particular cages also so I'm sure that helps too since it extends way past the rhp. They will definitly boost the surrounding temps though I'm just not sure how much by themselves (as I said, I'm running Flexwatt on top of the RHPs).

        Afterall, it's not like it will be running all the time on your t-stat so if it cannot get your cool side to the proper temps by itself you could try some insulation, but as long as the cages you buy retain heat well then they should be able to pull off what you want I'd imagine, or pretty close.


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          Re: Radiant heat panels & temp variations?

          I'm thinking it will be ok. I'm most likely going with boamaster cages because he lives a couple hour drive away. A friend of mine is a breeder in the area and uses all boamaster cages/racks and the quality is amazing. Not having to pay shipping is an advantage for sure.

          I'm pretty dead set on getting the PVC cages over the melamine. I don't care for how the melamine looks let alone taking the chances of having to replace it in the future.

          I'll have the enclosures after the first of the year most likely so i'll have to give them a detailed review when that happens.