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  • [Behavior] Cranky Snake

    Ok so we have had our new little guy now for awhile since around the 13th of November I have held him twice one time with a strike to the hand when my husband approached He has eaten twice out of his tank and now he is refusing to eat out of his tank. This week he actually struck at the glass at me on feeding day when i walked up to him,

    I am nervous to hold him cause of him striking but my question is when he strikes or hisses should i put him back right away or should i hold him a little longer or make him deal with it i dont want to stress him but i am wondering if when he has this little attitude problem he is learning i will leave him alone..

    Please help i dont want to have to get rid of him cause i cant do anything with.

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    Re: Cranky Snake

    It is better to hold him for a few minutes after he strikes or hisses because if you put him right back in he will learn that he can get left alone by being aggressive. If the striking bothers you, you can try wearing gloves so that it won't hurt when he bites. Also, you can try giving him a couple weeks without handling him so that he can get more comfortable with his new surroundings.

    As for the feeding, just offer him an appropriate size meal once each week and he will eat when he gets hungry. I go my first rtb a year ago and he didn't eat for the first two months that I had him. Now he is a very good eater. Hope this helps.


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      Re: Cranky Snake

      Hi Roni and Merry Christmas,

      you need to handle him/her more often...wait until hes in his hide, Wear leather gloves and grab it quick dont give him time to target you. keep the sessions short but often...if he's jumpy when you first get him out dont try to control him too much just make sure he does not get close to your face..usually they try to wrap around your arm and go under your armpit...let him do it and just stay still...once he calms down put him back in and do this every other day...He needs to learn that you are not there to harm him

      as for the feeding:

      Some people have luck feeding in a separate container some dont but you need to keep trying say that you have fed him twice, since you got him...Well how big around is he?

      what are the temps like in his cage?

      Are you feeding him the right size Prey?

      Try to feed the same color prey you fed before..


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        Re: Cranky Snake

        OK so today went well i removed his water dish to water him, then removed his hide cause he was under it. Stood there anxious cause i thought for sure he was going to be cranky, so i took the top off the tank and pressed it against the glass where his face was an thought, hell with it he will bite me i have gloves on i can do this.. so i scooped him up and he froze got him out of the tank but still over the tank just in case, and i froze and he started to move around a little we did great till he lost his balance and fell part into his water bowl so i put him away after that, no hissing no striking no sudden jerking i am very excited..

        His temps run about 85-95 an humidity around 40ish i struggle with humidity i have a glass tank i cover half with a wet wash cloth and Plexiglass an that brings me to the 60s,

        I feed fresh thawed and he eats every week, the first 2 times i fed he ate out of tank now he dose not want to i know part of it is my fault cause if he looks agitated and twitches his tail or moves his head just right i chicken out on getting him out of his tank, so i just feed him in, that and the the last 2 times i tried feeding him out of tank he refused to eat.

        he is eating fuzzies which i am sure are getting to small for him so i will keep feeding him once a week till they are gone (only have a couple left) when he gets to adult mice i will move him to every 2 weeks so he is on schedule with my girls feeding time.

        Thanks a ton for your guy's help it has really helped me with over coming my fear of snakes and getting educated on how great they are..


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          Re: Cranky Snake

          Good Job on the handleing, keep working at it. The bites or actually nips dont really hurt they are said and done before you really know what happened but hopefully that is passed as for the feeding in a seperate container, try covering the container with a blanket. That has helped me with feeding at times. I guess it makes them feel like they are not on display while they are trying to More secure I guess
          Good luck and just keep Reaching right in an handleing


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            Re: Cranky Snake

            Roni, I honestly don't think there is a problem with feeding him in the cage...But you do need to master handling him first...You need to study his behavior very thoroughly and definitely have him on a strict feeding routine as well as being used to the thongs...

            All these things combined will greatly reducing the risk of him striking at you or developing cage aggressiveness...