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!!Question about Tank and Elevation!!

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  • !!Question about Tank and Elevation!!

    I have a 75 gallon with two red tail boas. One an ArgentinexColumbian 4 months old, and one Columbian 7 months old. The tank is set on an entertainment system about 4 feet off the ground. Is this ok that it is so elevated or will it not effect them?? Thanks for the help... I will post a picture.

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    Re: !!Question about Tank and Elevation!!

    Soundsd like me as far as the placement of a huge tank lol. Just make sure that you have also elevated the tank a bit from the entertainment unit as well. It needs to have space for the airflow so that the uth will not increase/trap temps at a too high level.. [ Ya didn't say if using uth.. I guess I am assuming you do here basically. Sure you'll correct me if wrong though np].

    Now as for the two different snakes being in the same cage.. Why is that even ? It's not actually a great thing to have going on ya do know right ?


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      Re: !!Question about Tank and Elevation!!

      as for the elevation of the tank...... i wouldnt put it that high do to cleaning issues....that would make the tank almost 5 foot total off the ground which can create a serius cleaning issue....
      think bout it lets say your....oh 5'7 so the tank is 7 inches below the top of your head... are you gonna be able to reach that 20 inches to the bottom of the tank to either a)clean or b)grabs the snake out?not without a stool your not gonna be able to... then say your standing on the stool trying to clean out the tank and you slip and fall into the tank.... not a pretty picture if you survive the horror......
      as for the 2 snakes in the same cage i wouldnt do it myself but thats just me those few months difference in age and depending on sex's one will grow quicker then the other......

      my .02


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        Re: !!Question about Tank and Elevation!!

        Also make sure that the entertainment center is not used for entertainment..... such as "Boom" boxes etc. Avoid the vibrations that most sound systems can put out.

        If it is just a stand, then the elevation will not hurt anything, other than your back trying to lift in and out ;D
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