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  • [Record Keeping] Excel Template for Record Keeping

    Thought it would be interesting to share ideas around Record Keeping. Currently I am liking my off-line excel-based system. But then again, I only have a handful of snakes - I'm not a big time breeder like some of you. But I still like being able to see eating trends, shed cycles, etc, at a glance when needed.

    Attached is my excel-based Record Keeper for my snakes. I basically copy the single tab in the attached workbook and have a separate tab for EACH snake.

    If you have any suggested changes/additions - let me know!
    If anyone feels like sharing their own spreadsheet - let's see it!
    If anyone finds this useful - let me know!


    P.S. The forum doesn't like xls files, so I zipped it up.
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    Re: Excel Template for Record Keeping

    That's pretty sweet. I actually made one last month just messing around with excel at work. I'm a complete rookie with excel and mine is only a check list but has other options to record other things like cleaning etc.

    Check mine out, i'm thinking we could combine the two using your format and it would keep track of everything!

    The right column is for might repellent so i'll just answer that now because i know people will ask what it is. I don't know the exact name of it but i'll call my buddy because he gave it to me. He's been breeding for 10-15 years and has never had mites in the past 5 years of using it. That's pretty good for having about 400 snakes. It's yellowish orange, very thin and looks like cheese almost. You place a small pieces of it (approx 2" x 2") in a corner of the enclosure and change it out every 3 months.

    I'll get the exact name of it and post a separate thread later.
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      Re: Excel Template for Record Keeping

      Looks it simple...sometimes the more complicated the more hesitant we are to update the system

      good luck


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        Re: Excel Template for Record Keeping

        Thanks for posting ScottyPimpin - I'll take a look. I find adding little things like auto-calculating number of days between entries provides some added convenience. Or the drop-downs. Etc.

        And I agree jgonzalez - keeping it simple is good. I tried to keep it to just the core things that I think would be meaningful to keep track of for diagnosing issues or learning more about my snakes.

        I'm sure once I get into breeding my sand boas, I'll probably think of a few other things.


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          Re: Excel Template for Record Keeping

          Originally posted by Fireproof View Post
          Thanks for posting ScottyPimpin
          Your very welcome. I'd edit your excel sheet myself but i have no clue how you get the drop down menus to work lol. Looks good though, keep it up.