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Blister/Ulcering of Scales

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  • [General Care] Blister/Ulcering of Scales

    Do any of you guys have pictures of possible blister/ulcering of the snakes scales?

    I took my girl to the vet for an infected tail a week ago and her belly was a little pink..he mentioned her laying on top of her belly heat for a long period of time and the blistering is like a burn.
    When she was there, there was no blistering but a couple days later the scales started to rise with fluid filling them. After cleaning and applying neo, they decreased and I am just concerned of infection.
    There are 2 places, about an inch long, that are cleaned daily with chlorhexadine and neo, that I believe are under control..
    What do you guys suggest?

    I was going to take pictures but they didn't turn out.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Blister/Ulcering of Scales

    for ulcerations I suggest injected antibotics from a vet. can be from 1-2 shots up to 2 weeks worth depending how bad it is.

    you won't beat ulceration with neo, I've tried. I don't have any pics of this but google images probably does.