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Soaking: helping Eddie shed.

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  • [Shedding] Soaking: helping Eddie shed.

    So Eddie started to shed yesterday: he got all of his head done and about an inch beyond that... then it sarted to tatter. Now 24 hours later he appears to have given up. His humidity was good - I'd bumped it up a few days ago to help with his shed so it was up to 75%, but I'm chalking the difficulty in shedding to 2 weeks of treatment for scale rot and the fact hat he's only had two meals (mouse pinks) since his regrug 6 weeks ago. His last shed durring his first bout of scale rot was in pieces as well, but it all came off. So I'm soaking him to help this time.

    It's been ages since I had to help a snake shed and I don't recall how long I should let him soak. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Soaking: helping Eddie shed.

    I let him soak for about 3 hours. Some of his belly scales took a bit of work but he's now free of his old skin. I put some SSD on his belly and he's back in his cage. I'll give 'im a another mouse pink later tonight to fill his belly.