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White tipped toung?!

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  • White tipped toung?!

    Hi Guy's

    I noticed something strange this morning (to me that is), I fed our 3month old bci two days ago, so I didnot handle him until this morning, when I took him out this morning the first thing that caught my eye was his toung, the forked tips turned white in the past two day's that I didnot handle him ???

    I thought I was loosing it but my wife confirmed this aswell. Is this normal or a sign off ill health. He seems quite normal to me, eats well , good grith, starting to get bulky, and also grown some in the last month that we had him, 68 cm to 73cm that I measuered yesterday.

    I would realy like your in put on the tounge issue :P

    Best regards


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    Re: White tipped toung?!

    You are talking just the tips right.. My boa had those when he was lil' but now they are just black like the rest of his tounge.. I don't think it has any thing to do with health but it could.. My boa was just fine... and never had a problem...
    I hope this help's.
    Eric aka...Red