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Humidity Problems

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  • Humidity Problems

    I need some ideas on how I can increase the humidity in my Rocky's habitat.He's 7 yrs old, 6 feet long, and I just got him on Dec 30.His home is made of melamite and it's 4 feet long and 2 feet wide and 4 feet high.He likes to climb and had a tall habitat where he came from.The top was open wire but I closed up most of that. I have a heat mat under the bottom of his home where his hide is and a CHE heating that side of his home.I do have a light on the other side (above his water) but it's mostly for light and to keep a chill off his water cause he likes to swim, and to try to get some evaporation going on..I mist daily and even bought a tropic aire humidifier but it's not enough.What can I do to increase the humidity in his home.Thanks.

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    Re: Humidity Problems

    Well there is alot of things you can do... One is probley the stable one that alot of people use including my self...
    Since you have a screen top it need to be covered by a damp piece of terry cloth... You must change this like your under where.. You don't want mold to even start...
    You have done all but a couple things that should have worked... I have to ask do you have a digital or a rotery type of humidity guage... The rotery type is kida' unpredictable some times... Manely when they are bounced around too much..
    Now what I do in my plastic boa phile cages is I use the plate that go's under poted plants... I just cut a hole in the side and use them for hiding places...
    Now if you use these they are cool because all you have to do is put them in water for a couple min. every time you change the water and the cage should Have a humidity of 60-70%..
    Pro-exotics has some really nice tip's on keep'in you snake healthy and with a low stress level...
    Well good luck...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Humidity Problems

      In addition to what Red mentioned above, all 3 of my cages have a tupperware container in them. I cut a hole in the lid, then fill the containers with sphagnum (sp?) moss. I keep the moss damp. This keeps the humidity level at an acceptable rate. In addition, 2 of my 3 snakes use these containers as a hide box at times, particularly right before a shed. All 3 snakes always have perfect sheds.

      Just my 2 cents. ;D

      Waynesboro, VA


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        Re: Humidity Problems

        Thanks for the tips.The guage is a rotary gage but it's in a stable place.Rocky just had a shed and it went perfect.All one piece but I was misting him a couple times a day during the process.I'm gonna change his hide and add some moss and see what it does...Thanks again... ;D