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to POOH or not to POOH?!

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  • to POOH or not to POOH?!

    Hi Guy's

    A quick question, I would like to know if it is a problem if my BCI male 3 months old eating very well (pre-killed) defecated 3 days appart! This only happened once, but still I would like to know if it is okay or not. The stools where solid darkish with the white chalky stuff that Clay mentions in his fantastic care guide : There were some "aroma" attached to it of course but not to "bad".

    Pooh record as follows:
    1st - 30/12/2002 eaten on the 20 dec 2002
    2nd - 7/1/2003 eaten the same day
    3rd - 10/1/2003 about to eat at 13 Jan (Monday)

    Please advise.
    Best regards

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    Re: to POOH or not to POOH?!

    FYI..That white stuff is URATES... it is one of the forms they urnate in is all

    You didn't say how many prey items your snake is eating at a feeding at all ???

    A snake's metabolism is nothing like ours btw. They take awhile to digest the food they consume and do not defacate for awhile after that even from the last feeding. Boas are slower than colubrids btw in this area. [ There are some colubrids that seem to defacate as soon as they eat lol..Indigos come to mind hehe] Long as your boa is eating and also defacting you have nothing to worry about here. Sounds like it is doing such also np.


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      Re: to POOH or not to POOH?!

      Too much pooh?? thats a new one. Most of the time people post because of not enough pooh...

      BTW, isn't Pooh the bear and we are taking about poop??


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        Re: to POOH or not to POOH?!


        Thanx for the reply, Pebbles only eats a single item when feeding, I have read that they do not pooh (poop) frequently so this seemed a little out of the ordinary thats why I asked. (better safe than sorry :P)