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My boa refused a second rat!!!

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  • My boa refused a second rat!!!

    This was a first for me. Once in a while I give 2 rats to her. Yesterday I put a second rat in her cage after she ate the first one and went to bed. I woke up today and found the rat was still there!!! I know boas and all snakes will eat if there is food until they puke. Did my boa sense it was full?

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    Re: My boa refused a second rat!!!

    Please review the feeding sheet for food size, and feeding frequency.
     MAny times boa's will take two food items if the food items are small or the boa's has been under fed in the past and is trying to catch up.
      When i feed my babies I start with pinky rats, and if they  don't have a bulge after feeding on the next feeding cycle I offer two, when this appears to be to little I move to the next size up , in this case fuzzie rats and only offer one.  I do this thru the entire growth phase of all my boa's..I track all feeding on 3/5 cards.
    I have two sub adult Guyana's who could eat two Jumbo rats next feeding and if this continues a rabbit may be on their menu.
     The large food items seems to satisfy that hunger longer than undersized food items .its also seems to encourage normal urate expulsion.. I 've notice this after increasing food size items. 2 small rat go thru the system a little quicker than 1 med rat.
     SO when I order frozen shipments by the time I use up the order someone may be eating two or three of the items..
      Here's a pic of  a baby snake who could handle a small rat instead of fuzzie, but I have 20 just weinied to use up, she dont mind. I just look for what I consider and appropiate bulge ,.

    here's a hungry male ready for  small rats eating two just weined

     SO i use up what i have and then order larger food items for the next shippment..
      They do grow fast..

    Moderation is the key word follow normal feding cycles and always try to increase time between feeding as they age my Guyana's at two are only feeding every 4-5-weeks yes thats a strech but many snakes when they are older  need a little break between meals it makes them more active and proably extends their life.
      with guyana's if you feed to frequently they will refuse to eat sooner or later. wasting that thawed rat.
     and in closing,,
    know your rodent supplier. rats from professional rodent breeder's like big cheese. rodent pro are twice the weight and health of pet store rats, my rodent pro rat smell normal after thawing never stale or smelly.they have really clean and healthy looking fur.. plus rodent pro feeds high grade rat food loaded with vitamins an minerals I ve seen improvement in sheding and color since changing sometimes the snakes have a sheen post shedding. your snake has to absorb its vits from the food ..
    here's that sheen



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      Re: My boa refused a second rat!!!

      To answer the question on Did the boa sense it was full? the awnser is yes.

      I have never believed in that statement that boas and all snakes will eat till they puke.

      As for dougs post, that is a great post if you can't get the right sized food items or need to catch your boa up because of missed meals.

      I never have had to feed my boa more than one item. I get my boas food from a good petshop and I get there shortlly after they open so I have always (atleast so far) have had no problems getting one appropriate sized item, but if/when a time comes that the petshop doesn't have the right sized food then like Doug said, I can feed my boa a couple of smaller food items. But so far I have been lucky on always being able to get the right sized food item. But not everyone is as lucky as I am so like Doug said in his post, you can feed a boa several smaller prey items until your food supplier gets the right sized food in.

      Well clone, I hope between doug and me we helped you out, good luck clone.