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snakes and loud stereos

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  • snakes and loud stereos

    i just purchased a red tail boa from a friend and i have him set up in a nice new tereriam in my room. Today i had my stereo up quite loud so i could hear in throughout the house and i suddenly became worried about my snake. I know they can't hear actual sounds but i've read that their sense of vibration is quite acute and i would like to know if the snake could become stressed by the music (generally loud rock )
    thanks in advance for any answers i get. By the way, is there a way to tell if i have an actual Red Tail Boa, or just one of the variations.

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    Re: snakes and loud stereos

    LoL this is a funny post, dont know why but it is. I my self have a red tail and I play my music really loud also, but mine is Hip Hop so it is even worse for the snake. I have never been that worried about it cause when I have tha base bumpin the snake never seems to notice. But then again I dont have a stereo that i can hear really good throughout the house. I think as long as the music isnt close to defening its ok, but if it is truly very very loud you might want to turn it down a bit, for the snake, do it for the snake man. b18.gif


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      Re: snakes and loud stereos

      Well we do know that what they do sense is vibrations. The loud vibrations would definately cause stressful situations for snakes of any kind.

      Vibrations have been known to cause boas not to breed as well. Someone had a cage on top of small refridgerator and just that little vibration and the pair never would breed. I suggested he move the cage away from the vibration the next month the boas were observed courting...

      Playing a radio probably will not cause problems, but the loud and thumping music would be like us sitting in a vibrating chair all day long. After a while it becomes pretty annoying.
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        Re: snakes and loud stereos

        Ya I play my music and it gets real loud some times... I don't know how that happens??? My corn snake is the only one that seems to notice but I don't have it on for a long amount of time... I think that with all things you need to slowly expose the snake to it and it will do fine for the most part... My boas don't seem to care but it is hard somtimes to tell with them.... Have fun
        Eric aka...Red