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HELP! Problem with AKU.

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  • HELP! Problem with AKU.

    About a month ago I purchased a baby Columbian boa. Before doing so I purchased several books and downloaded even more caresheets off the internet. I had everything ready to go before I got her. Temps, humidity, and general requirements are all taken care of. After her last "bowel movement" her fourth one since I had her, she had a small amount of pinkish tissue coming out of her rear end. Not much, but enough to keep the scales from lying flat against her body. From what a couple of the books have said I think it is the beginning of a "rectal prolapse." I went to take her to the only vet I could find, as suggested by said books, in the area that has experience with reptiles only to find a note taped to the door saying that they will not be back until the end of next week. VACATION!!!! Is there anything I could do to keep it from getting worse or to fix it myself until I can get her to a vet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: HELP! Problem with AKU.

    Sorry to hear about this problem, I have never seen a boa with this problem but I 've heard that feeding size to large can cause a strain to the system and another problem could be either bacterial or parasites. Review CLays care sheets for feeding and food size..
    I think a good reptile vet visit  is in order for this. If you dont' have a fresh stool ( the Vet) can wash the lower Gi track and sometimes recover things.   here's a link to some of the best reccomended herp vets.
    If it was my snake I would not feed it till I see a vet ASAP.
     Change the water daily  and I would only use plain newspaper or paper towels for substrate you dont want bark sticking to that tender tissue. :P
       See a Herp vet ASAP.


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      Re: HELP! Problem with AKU.

      I had just read this post and then moved on in search of finding a close vet to my new apartment (Columbus, Ohio). Upon reading one vet's snake experience I stubbled onto this:

      "A prolapse occurs when an organ inverts itself inside out and protrudes through the usual external opening of that organ. Prolapses of the cloaca and reproductive organs are not uncommon among captive snakes. Often the cause cannot be determined. Prolapses can be precipitated by straining during egg-laying or straining related to uric acid stones. Parasitic infections or other intestinal disease may also result in these cases to treat the prolapse and determine the underlying cause, if possible."

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