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  • Need advice..

    Hi, I'm getting a Columbian Boa soon and I wanted to know what all I need for his enclosure. I know the basics like a box to hide in, a thermometer and humidy guage, a water dish, substrate, climbing acc., etc. I was just curious as to what type of lighting and heat he will need and if I should purchase a humidfier. Thx a lot in advance. You can reply to this post or e-mail me.

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    Re: Need advice..

    I use a CHE for my Boa to keep her warm at night and a Basking spot light for the daytime basking. The CHE's are about 30 bucks and the spotlight is 8 dollers. To keep the humity up I keep a wet towel over one side of the top of the cage since the whole top in screen, and have the basking light right above the water dish. Make sure you get the right wattage for the size of your cage, Dont want to cook your Boa.


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      Re: Need advice..

      Hello, I have a 20 gal long glass tank with a half glass half screen top. Setup as follows.

      Heating: On the screen side I have a 65 watt CHE bellow that I have 2 small ZOO MED UTH's. Thoes are hooked up to a thermostat set at 85. The probr is taped to the wall about1" above the substrate. The tank is insulated with insulation I got at my local hardware store ( it is silver and looks like bubble wrap) the front isn't insulated. I cut a hole to fit the dome of the CHE.

      Humidity: I cut a pice of towel to fit the pice of glass on the top of the tank, and taped to the bottm on the inside. Then spraied it untill it was wet.

      Substrate: I use shreded Aspen over a 10 or so layers of newspaper.

      Ther are 2 hides in the tank one on the hot side and one on the cool side. I keep the water bowel in the middle of the tank.
      My temp's on the cool side never drop below 82 and on the hot side never get above 90. There is a hot spot just below the CHE it never gets above 97 and never drops below 93. My humidity is constant between 65% and 75%. I use the triple readout thermometer. It tells the temp on the cool side hot side and tells the humidity. I have a seperate thermometer for the hot spot. This setup will only last for about the first year. Then you will need to get a larger tank. I sugest getting a boaphile cage from Jeff. I will be getting one late winter earley spring. Good luck let us know how things turn out.