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Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

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  • Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

    Hi again,

    I went to thaw out a frozen pinkie just a few minutes ago and I noticed that many of the rats in the freezer bag have white spots on them. It almost looks like chipping ice, or some sort of freezer burn.

    Has anyone ever come across this and should I be worried about this. I'm pretty sure there is no bacteria or dangerous things that can survive in a freezer but I just want to make sure feeding these rats will not harm my boa.

    Please respond asap if possible.

    Thanks all,


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    Re: Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

    I am almost sure its freezer burn. I had some pinkies in tha freezer once for a onth and i came back they had white dots on them and nasty lookin. I dont know if it can hurt the snake but just feed him or her the ones that dont have it and wait for someone else to replie.


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      Re: Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

      Just so you know there are a few thing's that can live through being in the freezer...
      Sounds like feezer burn... do your prey come in vac. bag's or zip bag's.?? I go through they use vac. and I have not ever had this problem... I also keep my rat's long term... I buy enuf for 6-8 month's worth of feeding at a time...
      I hope I could help...
      Eric aka...Red
      P.s. I don't know if feezer burn is bad... or not... Sorry.


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        Re: Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

        I've seen a few like this myself. I think it's just freezer burn, but I'd pitch them just to be on the safe side. That's what I did. Freezer burn sucks moisture from food/rodents and dries it out. Since the "juice" of your pet's meal is what provides a lot of nutrients, you'd be robbing them of it if you fed them a freezerburned item. It'd be like filling their belly up with something that did nothing to give them any nutritional help.


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          Here are a few pics of the prob

          Here is a pic of the problem, any more feedback is greatly appreciated. BTW, almost all of the rats have these markings so I would like to avoid throwing them out if at all possible.



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            Re: Weird spots on Frozen Pinkie Rats

            Freezer Burn! Yea I am 99% sure thats what it is.