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Fluctuating Humidity a problem??

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  • Fluctuating Humidity a problem??

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if a constantly fluctuating humidity could cause problems for my boa. I'm working on getting some kind of steady misting system but as of right now I keep and eye on the gauges and spray the tank down when I need to.

    The humidity fluctuates between 50 and 70 do to this sparatic misting. Is this a problem? Like I said, I'm working on getting something more steady. Please give me any suggestions you may have and let me know what you all feel is the best way to control this.

    FYI...I have a glass aquarium setup with a UTH and CHE, temps are very steady, 91 at hot end 80 at cool end.


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    Re: Fluctuating Humidity a problem??

    No clay said when he mists it go's way up then come's down... I have the very same thing... I think inless you are in a area that has like 65% Humidity all the time it will do just what it is doing.... If you can get a different type of cage it will be less of a range you are working with... Just make sure you are not leaving the bedding wet for a long period of time...
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Fluctuating Humidity a problem??

      I have the same cage as you, I have the CHE over the water dish, and always keep a damp towel over one side of the screen my Humidity ranges from 55-70, most of the time is between 60 and 70. I never mist cause I have no need to.