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Feeding container??

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  • Feeding container??

    Can anyone give me suggestions on a container to use for feeding. I have been feeding my girl in her tank and have not had any problems, but i want to make sure i keep having no problems....she is around 4ft right now...i just don't know what i could use that would keep her inside of it for long enough...she doesn't like staying still unless she is in her cage, around my neck, or in my lap ;D b3.gif. So I don't know what to use. ??? ???

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    Re: Feeding container??

    I use one of those plastic totes with the lids that flop over. my snake is only about 28 inches right now so the smaller totes work well right now. i have seen some of these in very large sizes. and as long as there is air coming in and out they would work very well. i also have a friend that uses thier bath tub with the plug in and it works well for them as the have the sliding type doors on the tub. just some ideas for you

    The Hawk


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      Re: Feeding container??

      I drill a few holes in the lid of a plastic container i bought at walmart for 4 bucks.
      this is what they look like when they are hungry and in the feeder ready to eat, any one got a long snake-hook jeeze he's hungry..
      once they learn that they are going to be fed in the box watch them fingers are not on the fuzzy end of the rat.hehe
        if they are slow to feed I pop the top on and return to that large cage were they can at least stay warm and if they escape the feed box they be in the cage.I hate tearing a room apart looking for a snake been there done that... :

      ps if they be a bit grumpy after feeding you can ever so gently tilt the box and slide mr grumpy out of the feed box..