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Socrates pics!!

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  • Socrates pics!!

    Here are a couple of pics of Socrates, my baby rtb from Clay.
    Looks like thermometers can be used for more than just taking temp's. ;D

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    Re: Socrates pics!!

    his tank, hes in the corner


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      Re: Socrates pics!!

      Mom's not afraid

      P.S. how do you post multiple pics w/out doing this


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        Re: Socrates pics!!

        Good looking setup you got there be carful with the bark it somtimes can lead to a mite problem.



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          Re: Socrates pics!!

          Nice looking boa,now your question  how to post multiple pic you start  a post and when your ready to add a picture
           you click on the 4th button it looks like this>   second row and insert the location of the pic from your pictures on  a web page  its a cut and paste function

          then if you want another pic you click on the button again

          and just keep adding pic to your hearts content

          you should have a web site photo alb to do this  here's mine
          then you click on the pic and right click after it opens and then highlight the gif name make a copy go back to your post ,start writting your text and the click on the picture button thingy on this post it will look like this in your post [img] paste your pic location here[img]
            you can start and album at RTB or any photo web site
           see ya doug