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Clear mouth secretion

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  • LORI
    Re: Clear mouth secretion

    You mention that you usually notice this when the snake has been drinking..or thereafter even. With that in mind it sounds like the snake is doing what some of them will do on occasion [ larger ones more so than smaller ones even]..
    They do not finish swallowing all the water that they take in fully and "expel" the water out of their mouth and nostrils..sometimes making bubbles when doing this even. Do you pick him up and then this happens or does he do it even when he is just laying around after drinking ?
    Long as it is clear.. and there are no reattles/raspy sounds coming from his lungs at all. I wouldn't worry about it at all myself. If it gets not clear and really thickened or the snake starts getting raspy/rattly in the lung.. or even wheezing.. Then you are dealing with an RI in the snake. BUT Like I said.. this doesn't sound like that at all and nothing to worry yourself over either.

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  • scalerustler
    started a topic Clear mouth secretion

    Clear mouth secretion

    I have had my Boa for about 6 months. I got him from a local pet store. He is about 5 to 6 feet long. He had some scarring and was a little skiddish when I got him but after 2 sheds and lots of handling he has come around nicely. I have noticed on several occasions that he has a clear slimy secretion from his mouth. Sometimes he blows bubbles. I only see it maybe once every month or so. I think mainly after he is in his waterbowl. I have not been worried because its not all the time and he eats very well ,one large rat every 2 weeks give or take. He is very active and shows no signs of any real problems. His mouth is not tender although he really doesn't appreciate me messing with it. I just wanted to make sure this wasn't any reason for concern. Thanks in advance for any input.