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Max temp at bottom of enclosure?

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  • Max temp at bottom of enclosure?

    ???  What is the max temp range for readings at bottom of enclosure for a baby boa?  

    Currently our setup includes a 29 gal glass tank with subtrate of newspaper & recycled paper pulp.  My question is what should the max or max temp range be at the bottom of the enclosure where the boa rests.  I realize the 1" above should be around 82 however I want to make sure that the raised temp of the UTH to achieve the 82 does not make the subtrate too hot and burn my baby boa.  I would like to just use the newspaper on the bottom and have to be sure of the temp before I remove the paper pulp.

    By the way, finally got Malana to eat her first thawed pinkie mouse all on her own.  YEA!   ;D

    Thanks to suggestions from Doug, we are building a top of our tank and purchased a radiant heat pad from Big Apple that is mounted from the top of the tank and we added wall insulation on top.  It is achieving desired temps at basking area and our humidity is FINALLY perfect (wahoo!)  ;D even without using a wet towel!  We've been able to remove the red heat lamp and now Malayna is zipping around the tank after sundown is now very active, I'm positive that somehow she could see the red light.  We've added a slot in our new top for a UV light and area for ventilation.  

    ~karen  :

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    Re: Max temp at bottom of enclosure?

    I have a spot that get's to around 95 in the middle of the day... this spot is like 6" across in a 4'l cage... it does not seem to hurt the snakes I don't put any of there hidi's oer so they will not lay there... and they don't.. On the avg.. it is like 88-90 so that is what I do.. I don't know if the rest of the people in here would say but I say no higher then 95.. and if it is that hot make sure that it is not a big spot just a small one... that should be fine...
    Eric aka..REd


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      Re: Max temp at bottom of enclosure?

       She's an eating machine now,  I am happy it helped,
      I have a thermometer that reads air temp and a second temp with a probe that I measure directly above the glass under the substrate, What i ve found even with cobra mats is that heat mats (uth) reach 115-120 or higher when on continuesly so I put a thermostat in the loop. This will allow an occasional 110 at the glass but your substrate will dampen this down. Another reason for a thermostat is they have had ocaasonal heat mat (uth) failures hot that have actually cracked the glass. the thermostsat only allows one heat device to plug into it so I plug a heat strip into the thermostat and plug all my heat devices ( uth and over tank heater into the single powerstrip this saves a buck on mutiple heat sorces. The thermostat can go up to 500 watts and your uth and over tank, heater together are only  200 watts,
      [ftp] 1a0621+EN/products/924100[/ftp]

      this will help prevent over heating in the tank I would put the thermostat 1 in from the floor and set the heat for around 82  the floor will get warmer but will cycle out to prevent over heating above the substrate.also put the over tank heater on the same side as the uth  this will help prevent overheating and still allow a cool side, I usally put a cheap fish tank sticky tape thermometer at the floor on the cool side to be sure it never drops below 82.
       This tank set up is a bit costly bit I have moved my themostat and heat to larger set-ups as the animal out grows his cage.
        I am glad your animal is feeling better, most reptiles donot do well without adequate heat and humidty, proably the number one problem with eating.
      have you visitied Clays care sheets, excellent info about almost every problem you may have in the future , I keep a shortcut on my web browser


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        Re: Max temp at bottom of enclosure?

        Thanks a ton for the tips on heat & thermostat. ;D I'm going to get this setup right on the money if it kills me.