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  • Emergency Question:

    This has been copied from a little thread running on my own Forum at .

    Here is the original post:
    I fed my boa tonight and she ate the rat backwards, should I be worried, could the legs tear her digestive tract like that?  Please advise
    In an effort to offer good advice and valuable help here are two of my follow up posts:

    This can be an extremely serious problem. Your Boa after eating a rat backwards is very likely to do something that will be very very disturbing indeed. She or he as the case may be will very likely poop out that rat in turd form backwards as well. This is something that I would watch very closely for. You will want to make sure that all turds do come out forwards and that you do not find any of the backwards turds in the cages. If you do find a backwards turd you will need to lift it gently and turn it around forwards. This must be done while the turd is still moist. If you do not turn the turd before it dries out it will always remain and forever shall be a backwards turd. Please fire off a few pics after you find the afore mentioned turd. If you have trouble identifying weather or not the turd is backwards or not pictures will help Boa turd experts like myself identify the turd for you and its relative direction. This is the best advice I can offer. I hope this helps and remember and again I quote myself when I say these all important words... Poop is Poop. By the way... just a little humor... from the Boaphile LOL. Rats eaten backwards are not problem. Cats eaten backwards if they still have their claws can be very bad... LOL

    Another follow up post from The Boaphile:


    One thing I failed to mention. Actually three. Smell the backwards turd. If it smells like poop you very likely do not have anything to worry about. Next pinch a very small amount of it between your index finger and your thumb on your right hand if you right handed or use your left hand if you are left handed. While smushing and gushing it around carefully feel for anything within the poop. If you do not feel anything unusual like corn or crayon bits you are just about home free. The final test of course is the taste test. This only need to be done if you are not 100% certain everything is fine. If after tasting the offending backwards turd, verifying that it in fact smells like poop, making 100% certain that you do not feel any "bits" within the turd and finally the taste test, if the turd or poop tastes like poop... everything is well inside your Boa. Your worries are over. Go wash your hands, brush your teeth and use a strong mouthwash. You should be good to go.

    Good luck!

    Jeff Ronne
    The Boaphile

    PS One final tip. Whatever you do... use somebody else's toothbrush. Just a word to the wise. b29.gif

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    Re: Emergency Question:

    Outstanding! Your responce brightened my day a bit. I hope the post originator understood it to be nothing more then some great humor.

    Keep up the great workwith your boas (of which I am the proud owner) and your board.

    Waynesboro, VA


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      Re: Emergency Question:

      b19.gif  Hey Jeff Ronne,

      ;DDon't forget to tell them that they must admire the backwards turd, after all it came from their snake, so they should study it,... admire it, ...become one with the turd is the only way to truely know if it is a problem.


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        Re: Emergency Question:

        Yeah, but you are leaving out a critical side effect that occurs from swallowing a rat backwards. I had a boa do this and now it crawls around the cage backwards. And it strikes with it's tail now.... It really has affected this boa greatly.

        Woe be the boa that swallows backwards........
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

        -Best Regards
        -Clay English
        Founder 1998-2013


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          Re: Emergency Question:

          ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
          Jeeze you had me going there for a while, us older folks tend to be a little more easily swayed by coments from you BOA's experts.. hehehe
             So if the poop backwards does it  smells less???? ???
          I hopethis never happens again them bo'as could get hurt...
          I saw the original post, but's I could'nt respond... hehehe
                         PSPS  here's a shortcut to the original question at da-TINK TANK.. ??? ???.. (*EMERGENCY QUESTION)
          [ftp] 653111[/ftp]

          psps be nice. .



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            Re: Emergency Question:

            I thought this old post worthy of being resurrected to the top of the page...




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              Re: Emergency Question:

              Hahahhaha, Ser Boaphile, this is absolute gold. I almost died from reading this.