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Het to Het?

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  • Het to Het?

    Hey all,

    I have another newbie question. I was curious about the terminology used in the area of available boas on this site. I'm curious what Het to Het breeding refers to. I figure if I'm gonna take care of one of these guys I should know as much as possible about them and this is one thing I did not see covered in any of the care guides.


    p.s. Look for pics of my setup by early november.

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    Re: Het to Het?

    Ok so I don't know how to spell it but het means hetageneralized. sorry for the spelling... ok but what this means is a normal looking snake ie corn snake.. when bred will produce albino's... now het to het is really good... basicly you would get more albino's out of two het's bred together and the one's that looked normal would be het's.. and it all starts over... Do you know what a punnet squar is?? now if you have a amelenistic. het and a anathristic(once again sorry for the spelling... In school I was good at math and science, I used english class to skip class and get wated... stupid teen you will get some baby's that are anathristic and some that are amelenistic but the het's would be het'ed(I don't think this is a word..) for both that means that when bred they would produce both.. This is what they call double het. well that is all I am going to wright... may-be somone will find a better way to tell you.. I hope I could help..
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Het to Het?

      In school I was good at math and science, I used english class to skip class and get wasted...  stupid teen
      ;DHahahah.good ol high school days.


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        Re: Het to Het?

        it means that the snakes are heterozygous for a certain trait. that means that the snakes have both dominant and recesive traits. like albinism, an albino has a genotype of "aa", both recesive, a normal has an "AA" genotype. when those 2 breed you will get all heterozygous (het) for albino, or "Aa". When you breed hets together, you will get 25% normal (AA), 50% het (Aa), and 25% albino (aa) in theory. that is only for i trait, there are many more and it gets alot more complicated.


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          Re: Het to Het?

          Once again thanks for all the feedback.... :

          I am learning about that sort of stuff right now in biology. We actually just went over some genetics and covered heterozygous and all that business with dominant and recessive as well as the ratios involved. Thanks for clearing that up though because I did not know the specifics as far as snakes were concerned. It's cool to see a real life application of that stuff, now I'll try to pay more attention....hehe.... ...thanks again.