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  • Boa Pricing

    Hey everyone,

    ;D I've been looking at the boas on this site and I see a range in the prices. What qualities and characteristics determine the prices. I see that they range from $100 to $200. Is it just the pattern and quality of color or are there other aspects. Interested in buying and want to be sure before I do.

    Adam 8)

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    Re: Boa Pricing

    Well I will go ahead and answer this question and perhaps other people who have purchased my boas will also be able to answer that question.

    I believe pet store boas average 100 to 175. For normal looking boas. Whatever the condition of the boa, this seems to be a price range.

    My boas are classified by overall looks and color. Boas in the 100 dollar range would be the normal looking boas. Definately healthy, proven eaters, and mite free, but otherwise normally colored and patterned.

    Boas above 150 are boas that to me "Stand Out" These boas have tremendous coloring, highlights, and or patterns. You will not find these type boas in 99 % of any pet stores around.

    Yes it happens but it is rare. These boas can be shocking in colors and highlights, and they immediately stand out from the normal looking boas.

    I have seen some sites that post all babies, normal or nice, in the 200 dollar range, and up. I have tried to offer extremes. Super nice looking boas, and average boas as well, but I don't expect someone to pay top dollar for average looking boas.

    By the way, the 100 dollar boa. That boa is actually only $75 . That is a great price for a captive bred, proven feeding, mite free boa.
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

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    -Clay English
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      Re: Boa Pricing

      What Clay says here in relation to the pricing is 100% correct IMO also. The ones that are priced higher than others are done so due to certain "aspects" of their traits/qualities etc that they exhibit.
      In most clutches you wind up with a few, at least, exceptional looking babies. Sometimes though when you are breeding for a specific trait/quality though you actually get more than just a few such babies.
      The lower pricing that you are seeing on Clay's babies has NOTHING to do with a snake that is any less qualitive than others that he produces that are higher priced. It all has to do with a 'certain quality/trait" is all in the pricing.
      You also get the assurance that you are buying a QUALITY animal when you purchase from Clay as well. Not to mention that there is also this site for any follow up you may need after you receive the boa also. [ NO you do not have to have purchased a boa from Clay to post on the site here LOL]


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        Re: Boa Pricing

        Many sites also include temperament in the pricing, but I am not sure about Clays. Also remember that another site may have a cheaper Boa, but does it include shipping? most likely not so it actully more expensive.


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          Re: Boa Pricing

          Good point   When buying a boa and shipping is needed ..sometimes the lower priced boa can wind up costing more actually after shipping is figured in also.
          Clay sells his boas with shipping included I believe though. BTW.. Shipping charges for a baby boa can actually run anywhere from $20 through $40 on the average. Now if it is shipped via an airline.. then basically you can tack on like another $70 or so...


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            Re: Boa Pricing

            Thanks for all the feedback everyone ;D