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  • Interested newbie

    Hey Everyone ;D,

    I've only owned one snake in my life and it was a ball python and it was for a short period of time. I am really interested in purchasing a red tail boa. I was wondering if sex made a difference(if one is more docile than the other) and any other tips, or warnings people may have for me. I've been doing some research and this seems like an extremely knowledgeable group. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated .



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    Re: Interested newbie

    Hey Gravity,

    Males are usually smaller then females if they are feed properly. Frequent handling when it is young will make your boa the most docile snake you can have.

    I would recomend that you dont buy you boa from a pet store. Most pet store boas are already ill when you buy them and will need care as soon as you get it. Or one day your going find it belly up in its cage after about a month.

    Check out Clays boas that he has for sale! You will recive a healthly boa from him I promise.



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      Re: Interested newbie

      Like Josh said, males are usually a bit smaller than females. Temperment for both are about the same (with regular handling). Boas make one of the most docile pet snakes.

      I'll have to reiterate Josh again. I HIGHLY recommend buying from a private breeder, not a pet store. (unless he/she breeds them themself) Take it from someone who's had bad experiences with what I thought to be a good store.


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        Re: Interested newbie

        As far as information on care, I would read Clays Ultimate Care Guide. As far as books go I recommed: The Boa Constrictor Manual. I have recommended this book before but I just can't help but recommend it again, because it gives you sme knowledge about several diseases and other things regarding health.

        Male snakes get smaller than Females. Both the Males and Females are pretty docile snakes just make sure to handle them frequently.

        If you get a Boa I recommend getting one from Clay.


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          Re: Interested newbie

           I have two boa's that I bought from Clay both are exceptional quality and color.
          Like most things when your new you usally want to go with the cheapest one you can find.
           The animal isn't the part you should save on.Most pet stores have Boa farms that churn out babies no regards for gentices or color. Many are colorful as juveniles and go flat as adults and have little or no color. Many are not handled til they hit the store and are practically wild. The petstore doubles the price or more selling you a boa for 99.00 they paid thiry for.Some pet stores ,knowingly sell sick snakes thats the worst part, knowing you'll be back for a replacement in a month.
           Most pet store boa's have Mites and occasionally RI.
          I just treated a pet store BP for RI ,I couldn't stand to see it gasping for air dieing in a tank with 10 other BP's..,I am extremly lucky to have a vet friend who can help me with the Batril purchase cost. My  total cost for the med 2mls batril was 11.00..I prayed he didn't have any other problems IBD
          To see a  vet will run at least 30.00 plus treaments.injections and stools samples. You will proably need Prevt-a-mite ..I treat all my cages when a new snake arrives..
          MOst Vets want a sick snake to get Injections for a period of time that requires 5-6 injection this occurs every 3-4 days.
          So if you want a healthy reptile that gonna be a looker you want to by from Clay or the Boaphile, possibly a few more breeders but only if they are reccomended.
           Like most people after you have your boa a while your gonna want the best looking boa you can buy,  this is a normal response to reading forums and seeing all them Beautiful reptiles. The shipping is seamless I got both snakes the AM Around 09:30 the next day after shipping from the breeder. They were active and alert.
           I have purchased several snakes and cages with pay-pal its simple and easy. I once ordered a reptile from an auction and the owner changed his mind and returned the money thru paypal no problems no snags.
          Here's a shortcut[ftp][/ftp]
           Good luck Send pics when your set up.