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from gloaca to tip???????

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  • from gloaca to tip???????

    I was reading on how to sex a snake and it says somthing like 60 ventical scales from the gloaca to the tip of the tail for females and 50 for males is this accurate???????

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    Re: from gloaca to tip???????

    Umm.. First.. Let's straighten this lil thing out a bit hhee. It is a "CLOACA" not a gloaca hehe.

    Now as for the sexing thing.. If you are refering to an RTB, then what is primarily used for sexing them is called probing. This should ONL:Y be done by someone who knows what they are doing for the snake's health and safety btw.
    As for any scale counts in relation to RTB's.. I wouldn't know of such myself at all. AND even if there were a scale count to go by.. With all the different ss of RTB's that there are / locals that is even.. it wouldn't hold true I would think in most cases.